‘Trollhunters’: Anton Yelchin’s death casts doubt over series’ future

It was less than a week ago that Guillermo del Toro announced the voice cast for his upcoming Netflix series Trollhunters would include Anton Yelchin. With the actor”s shocking and untimely death, producers and the streaming service must now determine what the future holds for the series.  And it seems that it”s still very much in the air.

Deadline is reporting that Netflix and DreamWorks Animation, the outfits behind the animated series, are still attempting to figure out what”s next. The outlet reports Yelchin had recorded most of the episodes for the first season, which also stars Kelsey Grammer and Ron Perlman.

Following the actor”s death, del Toro wrote on Twitter, “Anton was a sweetheart. Absolutely a great creative partner and artist…The sweetest, most humble, delightful, talented guy you'd ever meet.”

Trollhunters, which is based on a book by del Toro, tells the story of friends who unearth a mystery underneath their hometown. Yelchin played Jim, who first discovers this world. It was slated for a December 2016 release, but with Yelchin”s death, this could be delayed.