Listen: Iggy Pop and Best Coast combine for new ‘True Blood’ tune

07.05.12 7 years ago

The folks over at “True Blood” had the ingenuity to combine Nick Cave with Neko Case for one of the show’s songs before, and so music supervisor Gary Calamar tried to step up to the plate again for another masterful combo, and with an original song to boot.

The result is rock legend Iggy Pop and Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino combining for “Let’s Boot and Rally,” for the episode “Boot and Rally” airing on July 8 this weekend. Sexy vampires will be able to do what sexy vampires do to the strains of more Iggy and less Best Coast, but that’s no problem. Calamar and James Combs’ songwriting feels like a simple commotion, and it makes me want to shimmy. And seek blood.

Check out the whole story of the get-together and stream the track at KCRW, where Calamar works when he’s not finding music that sounds like a clingy, lace dress for “True Blood.”

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