True Story: Iggy Pop, Nick Cave and Thurston Moore unite to cover the Gun Club

All your prayers to the Gods of Rock have been answered in one little song. 

Punk pioneer Iggy Pop teamed with post-punk icons Nick Cave and former Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore, creating a musical Dream Team to cover underrated L.A. cult figures The Gun Club for a new tribute album.

The faithful take on “Nobody's City” features Pop howling his way through the highly visual lyrics, while Cave adds his ominous baritone growl to the choruses and the bridge. Moore endlessly shreds and feeds back in the background. It's heavy and pummeling, while staying catchy.

The version can be found on “Axels & Sockets” is the newest addition to the Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project, which pays tribute to Gun Club founder Pierce. 

Listen to it here:

Hear the Gun Club's original version here.

“Sockets” also pairs Cave with Blondie's Debbie Harry, and Moore with Pierce himself. It also includes tracks from Mark Lanegan, Primal Scream, Lydia Lunch, and more.

“Axels and Sockets” Tracklist:

01. Iggy Pop & Nick Cave (feat. Thurston Moore) – Nobody”s City
02. The Amber Lights & Debbie Harry – Kisses For My President
03. Black Moth – Mexican Love
04. Julie Christensen – Weird Kid Blues
05. Slim Cessna”s Auto Club – Ain”t My Problem Baby
06. Crippled Black Phoenix & Cypress Grove (feat. Mark Lanegan & Bertrand Cantat) – Constant Limbo (Constant Rain)
07. Nick Cave & Debbie Harry – Into The Fire
08. Kris Needs Presents…Honey – Thunderhead
09. Mark Lanegan & Bertrand Cantat – Desire By Blue River
10. The Amber Lights & Xanthe Waite – Kitty In The Moonlight
11. Ruby Throat – Secret Fires
12. Andrea Schroeder – Kisses For My President
13. James Johnston – Body And Soul
14. Primal Scream – Goodbye Johnny (Andrew Weatherall”s Nyabinghi Noir Mix)
15. Hugo Race – Break ‘Em Down
16. Cypress Grove – My Cadillac
17. Lydia Lunch & Jeffrey Lee Pierce – The Journey Is Long
18. Mark Stewart & Jeffrey Lee Pierce (feat. Thurston Moore) – Shame And Pain