Jane’s Addiction recording new album with Dave Sitek’s help

Well, this should sound interesting. TV on the Radio”s Dave Sitek has linked up with Jane”s Addiction to play bass and write tunes for the forthcoming Jane”s album.

He joins singer Perry Farrell, guitarist Dave Navarro and drummer Stephen Perkins in the band. Also signed on is producer Rich Costey, who”s worked with Muse, Franz Ferdinand and Interpol. Founding bassist Eric Avery, who has come and gone before, left the band last year. Duff McKagan joined briefly, but only lasted six months and left in September.

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“Dave, Steve and I are fully immersed in the process of making modern music,” says Farrell in a statement (he means Navarro here, we think).  “It has been a great experience thus far, and the results have so much potential.”

“This process has been both inspiring and incredibly freeing,” says Navarro. “The events over the last year have proven themselves to be a necessary part of the journey as they have led us to our current creative team and direction.”

The band”s album is tentatively slated for release this summer on Capitol Records.

If you want to feel old, think about this: Jane”s Addiction formed 26 years ago.