TV series based on ‘Scream’ movie franchise in the works

Just when you thought it was safe to count Ghostface out for good, the killer (err, costume worn by a succession of different killers) may be rising again on the small-screen.

With the relative box-office disappointment of last year’s “Scream 4,” which failed to reach the same level of success as its three predecessors, MTV is looking to give the horror franchise a second life as a weekly TV series, according to TVLine. It’s unknown at this time whether writer Kevin Williamson or director Wes Craven will have any involvement in the project.

The network is currently searching for a writer to pen the pilot.

“Scream 4” grossed a disappointing $18 million in its opening weekend last April, on its way to a domestic total of less than $40 million.

Would you like to see a “Scream” TV series, or is it best to put the franchise to bed for good? Sound off in the comments!