TV’s ‘Wonder Woman’ Lynda Carter hopes Gal Gadot’s version has heart and humor

(CBR) Following confirmation last week that Wonder Woman will get her own film in 2017, Vulture caught up Lynda Carter for her thoughts about the iconic role she brought to life on television from 1975 to 1979.

Addressing why it”s taken Wonder Woman 75 years to land her own feature, the actress said, “I think females baffle men, and so, that”s made it difficult to get a Wonder Woman movie made,” said Carter. “She”s strong, but she”s so much more – not everybody gets that.” She then revealed what she hopes to see in Gal Gadot”s version of the Amazon. “Most important, I want her to have a heart and a strong sense of humor.”

The actress spoke to Wonder Woman”s larger meaning as well, saying that “Wonder Woman is about a lot more than just superhero stuff.” “She”s complicated,” Carter continued. “Ultimately, she”s about truth, and it”s all heart with her. She”s a strong female force.”

Wonder Woman makes her big-screen debut March 25, 2016, in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”