‘Twilight’ author fanfics her own series, gender swaps characters for 10th anniversary

It”s been a whole decade since “Twilight” burst onto the scene and kicked off a YA renaissance. Publisher Little, Brown couldn”t let that milestone pass without celebration. So it makes sense they”re releasing a Special Edition for fans to collect. What doesn”t make sense? A brand-new 400 page story called “Life and Death” that is literally – LITERALLY – just a gender swap of the main characters.

Did I trip and fall into The Onion universe?

Stephanie Meyer announced the new content today on Good Morning America. Bella now becomes Beau, Edward becomes Edythe, and Jacob becomes Julie.

This raises an interesting question to me. When Edward breaks into her house to watch Bella sleep, it”s protective. When he disables her truck so she can”t see her friends, it”s sweet. Actually those are both huge red flags of abuse, but the narrative paints them as positives. And because guys in our society don”t have a long history with the “crazy girlfriend” stereotype, it can be easy to miss.

But when/if Edyth does these things? It”ll be interesting to see if it plays out the same.

Apropos of nothing, it seems like a good time to bring back this Donald Glover joke!