‘Twin Peaks’ Cast: Who’s In, Who’s Out?

It's a great time to be a “Twin Peaks” fan, and speculating which actors will be involved in the upcoming Showtime revival — which has already started filming in Washington State — is a fun diversion for die-hards. While I'm not interested in actual plot details (co-creator Mark Frost has responded to the multitude of fan-taken set photos by imploring them to #KeeptheMysteryAlive), I am curious to know which characters we can expect to see 25 (or 26, if the show premieres in 2017) years after the original series left the airwaves.

To that end, I'll be keeping tabs on the involvement of 33 still-living “Twin Peaks” stars via a running list, which I've compiled below and which I'll be updating as more information presents itself via sightings, social media posts and actual confirmations by Lynch, Frost and the stars themselves (to date, only one of the original actors has been officially confirmed to return).

First, I should note that a number of stars from the original series have since died, most prominently:

Jack Nance (Pete Martell), in 1996
Frank Silva (BOB), in 1995
Don S. Davis (Major Garland Briggs), in 2008
Dan O'Herlihy (Andrew Packard), in 2005
John Boylan (Major Dwayne Milford), in 1994

As for the rest, here's what we know so far: