The ‘Twin Peaks’ cast is insane: 9 actors you may not have known are starring in the Showtime revival

Naomi Watts, one-half of David Lynch's Betty-and-Veronica duo in Mulholland Drive, will play a recurring role on the director's upcoming Twin Peaks revival — not a surprise considering the 2001 film served as the actress's big Hollywood breakthrough. What is a surprise is the other name mentioned in the same Deadline casting story: famously “difficult” '90s star Tom Sizemore, who is bound and determined to make this comeback thing happen. Could this be Tom's Dennis Hopper-in-Blue-Velvet moment? We trust that Lynch will find something appropriately weird to do with him. 

As it turns out, lots of interesting Twin Peaks casting stories have escaped my attention over the last several months, and I'm betting the same goes for many of you. With that in mind, here are seven more new faces to Lynch and Frost's twisted, beautiful world that you may not have known about. (Note: the only actor who has been officially confirmed for the revival is Kyle MacLachlan.)