This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theory Hints That Blood Could Be Thicker Than Fire And Ice For Tyrion

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08.28.17 22 Comments

Part of the appeal of Game of Thrones‘ seventh season was the many meetings between characters who have been parted by circumstance, distance, and the occasional murder attempt. One of the frostier pairs in the season finale was Tyrion and Cersei Lannister, who haven’t shared space since Joffrey’s death in season four. Despite the fact that Cersei now knows that Tyrion was not behind Joffrey’s murder, his allegiance to Team Targaryen and the fact that he did murdered their father Tywin is more than enough to keep the two siblings apart.

However, the folks over at Nerdist have a theory that icy threat No-Longer-North of the Wall could have been a catalyst for these two to work together. Cersei was never going to join Jon Snow’s crusade against the Night King out of a goodwill for all mankind, but something clearly went down in her meeting with Tyrion that made her change her mind. Much of their talk revolved around the children that she’s lost, and the remorse Tyrion feels for whatever part he played. The revelation that she is pregnant also came to light, which could have given Tyrion a bargaining chip.

What if, in the unseen end to that meeting, Tyrion promised that Cersei’s unborn child would be Daenerys’ heir if she sent her armies North during the truce? Dany has been very vocal about her inability to have children, and Tyrion himself mentioned that there are other ways to name heirs earlier in the season. If her dragons are her only children, someone has to sit on the throne when she’s gone, and any ambiguity could once again plunge Westeros into war (if the war ever ends in the first place).

Now, there is the issue of Cersei’s treacherous final decision to not send her armies North, but it would help explain Tyrion’s concerned look after witnessing Jon and Dany’s amorous boat activities. A miracle baby made of ice and fire could throw this whole plan into chaos. It’s heartbreaking to even consider Tyrion scheming behind Dany’s back, but he is definitely one to put the greater good above all. Just one more theory to obsess over during the long wait until season eight.

(Via Nerdist)

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