U2’s new music video for ‘Invisible’ gets the Mark Romanek touch

02.12.14 5 years ago

The music video to U2’s “Invisible” is out, and it may be a little sneak-peak into the band’s aspirations for their next live tour.

Bono’s light-up, drop down mic has a big emphasis out of the black and white, shot by Mark Romanek; it’s the rock band’s first go-round with the director, who helmed a few little ditties including Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer,” Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” and Michael Jackson’s “Scream.” So, yeah, the man loves his light. The bulb boards soar with movement behind the band and frontman Bono is able to navigate the catwalk in a sea of waving arms.

And that’s pretty much it. “Invisible” is among the first sounds we’ve heard of U2’s meshing with Danger Mouse, which results in a little less Edge than fans may be used to, but a lot more God imagery they’ve come to expect. The video keeps it small — to the room, actually, a scene which was previewed during the Super Bowl, during which the band bowed “Invisible” for a 60-second commercial. For the first 36 hours it was available on iTunes, the song was free, and for every download, $1 was donated to the Global Fund. They raised more than $3 million then, which is pretty great.

Here’s where they lost me: the crowd vocals added at the end with the refrain that is clearly meant to reflect the worldliness of the message. We already know U2 writes Big Songs. We are proudly and happily accepting the noble notion of the (RED) campaign and its cause-related launch. This is an “aren’t we great?” move. “There is no end / there is only us.” GOT IT.  We were already there.

Beyond that, look forward to a light-up microphone that lights up like a parentheses during the next U2 tour… maybe? And Bono’s willingness to sacrifice his body to a crowd surf is — if contained — a nice gesture, like a big-time donation to a worthy cause.

Still no word when a new album will hit, though it was previously rumored to arrive in April. U2 is collaborating with “Once” writer-director John Carney for a new, semi-autobiographical film “Sing Street,” with principal photography to begin this summer in Dublin.

U2 are currently nominated for an Oscar for their song contribution to “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.”
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U2 are currently nominated for an Oscar for their song “Ordinary Love” from “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.”

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