‘Unfriended’ stars suggest sketching out that drunk party instead

LOS ANGELES – Nobody has successfully impersonated actress Shelley Hennig on social media. YET.

The “Unfriended” star — along with cohort Moses Storm — are fully aware of the pitfalls of social media, especially after having shot this horror flick, which centers on online bullying and imitation of online personas. As public figures, they've receieved some pretty intense trolling.

“[People] cut and paste your head on other people's bodies that are naked. if they make me look good, fine…” she laughs. “My least favorite [trolls] are the ones who impersonate me on social media, but only if they make me look douchey. Let them catfish people all they want. No one's been able to impersonate me well yet. I'm challenging them today.”

Storm says he's learned to abide by some personal rules for what pics and videos he does and doesn't post online. The best bet for anyone who wants to show those hard-partying pics? “Send sketches” instead, he said.

Watch our full interview above, conducted over Skype, just like in the movie.

“Unfriended” is out tomorrow (April 17).