Universal wants you to come so bad with new ‘American Reunion’ trailer

In the summer of 1999, everything looked just dandy for the cast of “American Pie”, didn’t it? And yet the majority of their so-called future brilliant careers fell apart quicker than the first season of “Taradise”. I mean who would’ve thunk that the nerdy scene-stealing chick from “Buffy” would’ve bested them all in the end? Certainly not me.

In any case, it’s almost 14 years later now, the fourth official trailer for “American Reunion” has hit the web (remember dial-up, everybody?), and it’s crammed full of all the nostalgia-inducing franchise signposts you’d expect.

Hoping for a little of that ol’-school toilet humor? Hey, there’s Seann William Scott taking a poo in an ice chest! Stiffler’s mom was one of your secret ’90s obsessions? Don’t you worry – Jennifer Coolidge’s chest and leopard print furniture have got you covered. Yearn for the days when Shannon Elizabeth was still a culturally-relevant sex symbol? Well then watch “Thirteen Ghosts”, because there’s a new buxom brunette in town…and she’s only 18 years old, and she wants to sleep with Jason Biggs, whose character is now married to and has a child with Alyson Hannigan’s character! Oh, and he used to babysit the buxom brunette, which makes the whole thing even more awkward especially when she’s speaking in double entendres! Ha!

Look, I can’t deny it’s nice to see these kids on-screen together again (despite the fact that they’re all super old now), and I must say that Universal has done a damn fine job of inserting radiant, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it reaction shots of each and every one of them. Hell, Mena Suvari even gets a line!

My grade for the new trailer: B+. After watching it below, be sure and rate it at top left!

“American Reunion” hits theaters on April 6th.

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