The Finale Script For ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Was So Brutal It Made Star Paul Wesley Cry

Vampire Diaries fans are quickly coming to terms with the fact that the long-running vampire soap is finally closing up shop after nearly a decade on the air. With every leak about the finale, such as whether Nina Dobrev will be returning to the series or not, is another reminder that the end is near and television will be without a popular vampire series for the first time in ages (everyone still misses you True Blood!). It sure is a good thing that zombies are the new vampires on television, and there are plenty of those series to fill in the genre loss here.

According to one star of the show, Paul Wesley, the series finale script was so incredible that it brought him to tears. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Wesley shared that once he read the script it brought him to tears and spurred him to send a weepy selfie to show creators Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec. Of the picture, he says,

“I wanted them to see that Paul Wesley could actually formulate tears in his personal life and not just on screen. I thought how it ended was powerful.”

As for the general vibes of the finale and the filming of the episode? Fans will be happy to hear that it has Wesley’s full support. He described it as,
“It’s this very interesting melancholy. I did Stefan’s final scene with Elena. It was strangely emotional for me. You’re saying goodbye to this time and this moment. The two of us are never going to be playing these characters ever again, and these were really important characters in television for eight years. That’s emotional.”
Sounds like exactly the pick-me-up that fans sad about the series ending can look forward to!

(via Entertainment Weekly)