Video Of The Day: Moon bugs and mayhem in ‘Apollo 18’ trailer

What do you do when  you find previously unreleased NASA footage of American astronauts being infected by moon aliens and turning into moon-zombies? Release it to the public as a movie, of course!

Billed as “The real reason we’ve never gone back to the moon, ” the new movie from Dimension films, “Apollo 18” features some cool effects and some very very Blair Witch-ey camera work ‘shot by the astronauts themselves.’ (I’m sure that that was the line in the pitch meeting, by the way: ‘It’s like Blair Witch… on the moon!’)

Apparently this secret moon mission was carried out by the defense department, and the mission did not go so well, running into some kind of moon-parasite that turns you into a moon zombie. Fortunately for us, the astronauts kept on shooting this important archival footage for posterity, even as their situation worsened. The trailer does not tell us how the film footage got back to earth, but I’m sure the explanation is entirely plausible.

The only thing better than zombies is moon-zombies, and so, the ‘Apollo 18’ trailer is the Video Of The Day. Watch it embedded above.

“Apollo 18” lands in theaters April 22nd, 2011

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