Vin Diesel implies Marvel ‘Inhumans’ connection on Facebook

Over the holiday weekend, Vin Diesel changed his Facebook cover photo to a photo manipulation posing the question “Are you Inhuman?” along with an image of himself. The response was instantaneously explosive.

Fan reaction was so intense that Diesel removed the photo from the header in less than 24 hours. Of course, this only fueled fan theory that Marvel was muzzling the actor from spilling the beans. But which particular beans did he spill?

Vin Diesel is well-known geek, and as such he helps out his fellow fans by dropping hints ahead of official announcements. After he posted about meeting with Marvel set off a firestorm of speculation, Diesel gently led fans away from the idea of him as Giant-Man or Vision. While he couldn”t say he was voicing Groot until December of 2013, he managed to sneak past Marvel”s impenetrable veil of secrecy to put up these hints in August of 2013.

So what could the “Inhumans” tie be? Realistically, there are one of three options:

A) Diesel is playing an Inhuman, most likely Black Bolt. Not only does the actor have the physical resemblance of the Inhuman King, but the character never speaks (doing so creates a massive hypersonic wave that can level cities). As Marvel hasn”t cast the same person twice (Paul Bettany as both the voice of JARVIS and Vision appears linked in-universe), this would let them off on a technicality. Diesel as the voice of Groot, but not Black Bolt.

B) Groot and the gang will be meeting the Inhumans in their next chapter. A pretty safe bet, since Marvel has a lot of legwork to do in order to set up this payoff. Plus, there have been rumors that Star-Lord might be half-Inhuman instead of half-Spartoi to streamline the MCU.

C) Vin Diesel saw a cool fan manipulation and posted it because it looked neat. Mayhem ensued.

Whether or not the voice of Groot ends up portraying an Inhuman in the flesh, one thing is for sure: the genetically enhanced humans (thanks Kree!) are on their way, and their presence will reshape the landscape of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

[Via ComicBook]