Vin Diesel wants Ang Lee for his ‘Kojak’ remake

(CBR)Vin Diesel sure loves utilizing social media as a way to send his fans into a frenzy. He did it earlier this year when he first started talking about meeting with Marvel Studios. Now he”s doing much of the same with “Kojak”.

When asked by a fan on his Facebook page, “With what director would you like to work soon?” Diesel responded with five simple words: “Kojak… New York… Ang Lee…”

While that might sound like a pie-in-the-sky comment, it is based in some fact: Toward the end of last year, Universal Pictures announced that “Skyfall” writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade were working on a Kojak script with Diesel attached to star.

So, what about the rest of his statement? Well, the original “Kojak” series, which starred Telly Savalas and ran from 1973 to 1978 on CBS, was set in New York City, so that seems like a likely filming location.

The remaining question is Lee”s involvement. After doing “Life of Pi”, Lee began working on an untitled 3D boxing movie focusing on bouts between Joe Frasier and Muhammad Ali. That film”s screenwriter Peter Morgan recently told The Daily Mail he won”t be finished with the intricate script until next year. Would that give Lee enough time to head to the Big Apple and shoot Diesel in a gritty cop movie? It would seem unlikely, but Hollywood makes the unlikely happen every day.

(via Empire)