Ross Marquand From ‘The Walking Dead’ Wants To Follow His Surprise ‘Infinity War’ Role With Another Marvel Character

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WARNING: Spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War ahead

Ross Marquand ended up being one of the more surprising cameos in Avengers: Infinity War, a role that he didn’t even tell his Walking Dead castmate Danai Gurira about it. But if you think that is the only role he wants from the Marvel Universe, you’re sorely mistaken. According to Marquand during an appearance at ComiCONN 2018 in Connecticut, he’d like to take on Marvel’s answer to Batman (Via SyFy):

Oh yes–Moon Knight! It’s tough because a lot of my friends have said Moon Knight is essentially just Marvel’s answer to Batman, but I don’t agree with that. I agree that there are similarities, but Moon Knight was a mercenary–kind of a gun for hire who didn’t really have much regard for people before he had his moment of awakening, I guess. And Bruce was always a good guy–even as a kid, he was torn by revenge, but he wasn’t this bloodthirsty killer like Moon Knight was. So I think that, coupled with what they’ve been doing the last 15 years with the character–going into the dissociative identity disorder, really calling in to question if everything happening is all in his head, is he actually a vigilante killer or did he die in Egypt? It brings up a slew of questions, and that to me has never really been delved into in any comic book character before–the idea of, is any of this actually happening? Is he crazy? Is he killing good people? Is he actually dead in Egypt? Those are such amazing questions and I don’t feel like any comic book series before or since has really tapped into that. So for me, playing a crazy superhero would be awesome. So Moon Knight, Moon Knight for sure.

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