‘Walking Dead’ Fans Are Going ‘Nuts’ Trying To Figure Out What These Cryptic Posters Mean

Andrew Lincoln promises that the second half of The Walking Dead season seven is “probably the opposite of what you just witnessed,” with “a lot more levity… than you’ve ever seen before,” but that doesn’t mean AMC’s mega-hit is preparing to take a stroll down “Easy Street.” The next eight episodes — and the at least five seasons after that — are still going to be extremely grim and violent, which the just-released teaser posters make abundantly clear.

There are 14 posters in all, each of which tells a cryptic story. What do cracked nuts have to do with anything? Is Carol baking another batch of cookies? What about the rubber ducks? Or the melons? Is Negan going to smash them like he did Glenn’s head? There’s also a lantern, bundle of dynamite (it’s worth noting that peanuts can be used to make dynamite), a bike, an upside-down bucket, a bloody handprint, a decaying corpse and lone walker with a grocery cart, a shallow grave, and shadows, which one Walking Dead fan notes that “if you look at it upside down [you’ll] see they are wearing armor like the kingdom people. Its the kingdom. Right side shadow is Ezekiel.”

There are no captions for the photos, only a general statement for the album (and season) as a whole: “Worlds collide. Prepare to rise up and fight Sunday, Feb. 12,” which is when the show returns. Have a look at the posters below, and make your own wild speculations. I’ll start: the ducks obviously mean the Kingdom will take out Negan’s crew using the Flying V.

(Via The Walking Dead)