‘The Walking Dead’ Fans Should Prepare For Another Time Jump In Season 9

04.19.18 11 months ago


The Walking Dead is no stranger to time jumps.

It’s how we got Old Man Rick (even if that was a troll move) and Carl quickly recovering from his eye injury (unlike his other injury…) — there was even one on Fear the Walking Dead. But showrunner-turned-chief content officer Scott Gimple is planning something different for season nine. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he teased a “quantum leap forward in the stories we’re telling.” When asked if that refers to a time jump (without the Whisperers?), he explained, “A time jump tease, but it wouldn’t be exactly as we expect.”

Gimple is playing coy, as he must, but according to the Georgia-based newspaper Newnan Times-Herald, the show’s location manager, Mike Riley, “asked the Senoia City Council for permission to build a 55-foot tall windmill on the ‘Alexandria’ site… and to keep it there for three years.” That’s a big ask!

Building a windmill – or any structure – that tall will require a height variance from the city. And getting the variance requires a public hearing, according to City Attorney Drew Whalen. A public hearing will be advertised and set for the hearing… The windmill will be designed by an engineer, and will have to be approved by the fire marshal. (Via)

Considering the shape Alexandria is in following the All-Out War, and that the windmill (thanks to Georgie?) is a sign of peace-time prosperity for the safe zone in the comic books, a time jump is an easy way to skip the boring reconstruction. Maybe The Walking Dead can skip straight to the movie, too.

(Via the Newman Times-Herald)

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