‘Walking Dead’ stars come to aid of car crash victims

05.13.16 3 years ago

They may be zombie killers on TV, but in real life, Norman Reedus and Steve Yeun appear to be nothing but Good Samaritans.

TMZ is reporting that The Walking Dead stars were riding along on their motorcycles yesterday in Peachtree City, GA when they encountered a pretty decent fender bender. Reedus and Yeun stayed with those involved with the accident until paramedics came on the scene. The publication notes that the injuries were minor, and it”s safe to assume no zombies were anywhere near the location.

Of course the presence of the two near the set of TWD has reignited questions about whether Daryl or Glenn were potential victims of Negan in the season finale. In the comic book, Glenn was the one who bit the dust, but in TV, anything is possible.

The new season of The Walking Dead is likely to kick off later this year.

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