The Walking Lulz: All The Best Memes From This Week’s Episode Of ‘The Walking Dead’

The Walking Lulz is back with another week of The Walking Dead memes specifically tailored to the fourth episode of season eight, “Some Guy.” While there was some debate about who the “Monsters” were in episode three’s title, we’re pretty sure King Ezekiel is the “some guy” they’re talking about here. He’s lost his subjects, he’s lost his tiger. It’s no surprise he’s lost his swagger by the very end. No more “And yet I smile” business? Sounds like all-out war isn’t as fun when you’re on the receiving end of a Gatling gun.

But even when an episode is as big of a gut punch as this one (you can kill a hundred people, but don’t you touch our pets!), we still need to be able to laugh about things. Like that creepy Savior that captured Ezekiel. We weren’t too sad to see him split. It’s always nice to see Carol killing again too, and while killing’s what Rick and Daryl do best I’d watch a hundred hours of them murdering Saviors, so bring on more of that!

Now onto The Walking Dead memes…

As always, we gotta give many thanks to all the creators out there. You can follow all of the memes to their sources by clicking on the links under each image. This week we’d like to give a special shout out to Crazy Rick Grimes and The Ricky Grimes, some of our favorite and most consistent providers of lulz. Go check them out! And don’t forget we’ve got seasons upon seasons of The Walking Dead memes in our Walking Lulz archives. Game of Thrones memes too!

That’s it for us, tune in next week for more lulz and hopefully fewer animal deaths.