‘Warcraft’ trailer sheds (Fel) light on one of the movie’s biggest mysteries

Yesterday a new trailer was released for Warcraft, and while it didn”t solve the biggest question plaguing this film, it did perhaps shed light on another debate. Just what IS this building.

Image Credit: Legendary Pictures


Other than snowy mountains, that shining tower was the first image audiences saw of Warcraft. Among fans of the MMORPG, a debate was instantly sparked as it was one of the few places that weren't instantly recognizable to lore nerds. A few frontrunners emerged. Perhaps it was High Elven architecture someone in Eversong Woods. Or maybe it was Wyrmrest Tower in Northrend during high summer. Or it could be Medivh”s tower Karazhan before Deadwind Pass became the death trap it is today. The new trailer pretty much confirms it”s the latter. Where else would Fel Magic explode from, if not the Ivory Tower of Karazhan?

This would go a long way to explaining why Medivh's home was not immediately recognizable in the first trailer. He”d yet to lay waste to Deadwind Pass with corrupt magic. But looking back, the canyon in front of the tower matches up with the layout of Deadwind Pass. What we”re witnessing in the latest trailer could be the bargain Medivh struck with Gul”dan, it could be his battle with the titan Sargeras, or most likely, the moment of Medivh's death.

This theory is shored up by context clues within the trailers themselves. A voice-over says “One of our villages burned tonight” while the visual show Lakeshire in Redridge Mountains under attack, presumedly by Blackrock orcs. Deadwind Pass used to be part of Redbridge and shares a mountain range with the zone. Considering a huge portion of the new footage features a lightning storm over Blackrock Mountain that smacks of the Assault on Blackrock Spire. As most of Warcraft is situated around the southern Eastern Kingdoms, it makes Karazhan the most logical choice. The High Elves live in the furthest northern reaches, even beyond Dalaran and Lordaeron. Northrend's Wyrmrest Tower is even further afield.

What do you guys think? Is the mystery building the home of Medivh and the focal point for the downfall of Azeroth?

Warcraft arrives in theaters on June 10, 2016.