Was it just us or did San Diego Comic-Con feel less frenetic this year? – She Said, She Said

It seems like every year, Comic-Con takes over both San Diego and the Internet in general for five days. All the movie studios, television studios, and comic book publishers bring out the big guns to impress fans with what”s next for their favorite properties. Sometimes they even announce something new!

So it can be hard to remember things weren”t always like this. Back in the early years of Comic-Con, there were no giant Hall H panels, no press lines, no celebrities ducking in and out of the labyrinth of hallways. Back in 1970, the very first official San Diego Comic-Con was held at the U.S. Grant Hotel and boasted 300 attendees. The convention wouldn”t settle into its current location until 1990 and would gradually turn into a pop culture phenomenon.

But all growth explosions have to end eventually. In the video above (and below) Donna Dickens and Jill Pantozzi discuss the muted feel of this year”s Comic-Con and if it signals the end of an SDCC era.