Watch: 2 Chainz & Drake dress up hip-hop conventions in ‘No Lie’ video

In spite of its numerous stylistic flourishes (black-and-white cinematography, painterly visual compositions, et al.), there’s no getting around the fact that the just-released clip for 2 Chainz’s “No Lie” (feat. Drake) is actually a fairly straightforward hip-hop video that’s merely been dressed up as high art.

Helmed by prolific Hype Williams protege “Director X,” the glossy clip essentially consists of the two rappers standing around looking cool as beautiful, seemingly-submissive women gyrate around them in skimpy outfits. No amount of paint dripping artfully on naked torsos can hide the fact that we’ve seen all of this before.

So what does the video have to do with the Drake-Chris Brown bar brawl fiasco that erupted last week? Nothing, obviously, unless you’re in the mood to float a conspiracy theory and cast one of the above-mentioned vixens as a stand-in for Rihanna, the mutual ex-girlfriend of Breez and Drizz (seriously, do it). Still, it appears that the latter’s rumored diss at Brown at a Club Paradise tour stop over the weekend, which has been widely reported over the last day or so, may in fact be just that – a rumor.

According to MTV News, the offending quotes – “You been having a good night so far, you done had a couple of drinks, you done met a couple of thangs, but then a n—a in the corner start lookin” at you funny and you feel a motherf—in” way about it…And then somebody goin” to the bathroom bumps you with their elbow and you”re like what the f—?” – have been included in Drake’s C.P. concerts for a good while now. But hey, context-free theories are fun!

My grade for the “No Lie” video: C-. After watching it below, rate it for yourself at top left!

“No Lie” is the lead single for 2 Chainz’s debut solo LP “Based on a T.R.U. Story,” which is slated for release on August 14.

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