Watch: 3oh!3, Ke$ha get fresh in ‘First Kiss’ music video

06.03.10 8 years ago

The music video to 3oh!3’s “My First Kiss” featuring Ke$ha, predictably, features a lot of kissing.

While the band members and Queen Trash aren’t much eye candy themselves, the artful crafters of this gem provided random pairings of pucker people, from young guy smooching an old gal (hijinx!) to overtly coy girl-on-girl action (scandal!), plus a paint tin of lip colors and hyper-colored, photoshoppy backdrop that makes me think I’m being sold Starbursts or something.

My cohort Melinda Newman pointed out how memorable Ke$ha’s voice has become, and I unfortunately have fallen victim to the brain gum that is that descending “ooooo” line. Still, I think the track sounds like a jump rope chant that you shouldn’t repeat too loudly, lest you get yanked early from recess.

“My First Kiss” is the first single from the electro-dance-rock troupe’s forthcoming “Streets of Gold,” due June 29. Dr. Luke, Matt Squire, Benny Blanco and Greg Kurstin helped out on the production end.

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