Watch: Adele strolls down lonely street in video for ‘Someone Like You’

09.29.11 8 years ago

Though Adele”s  “Someone Like You” has already hit the summit on Billboard”s Hot 100, the label released the video for the track today to try to satiate the endless thirst for all things Adele…and extend the life of the song, the second single from “21.”

The black and white video, directed by Jake Nava, consists of one extended shot of Adele walking along the Seine in Paris, lipsyncing (badly in parts) the song.  The camera stays tight on her face for much of the clip, breaking away only occasionally to show her from behind or to show the River.

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With her pouffed-up hair, long lashes, and fashion sense, Adele already conjures up-and is often compared to-artists from  the ’60s,  like Dusty Springfield. This clip looks like it could totally have been shot in 1967 and we imagine that”s the point.  It”s stark and as lonely and evocative as the song and is a perfect fit.  It would have been wrong to have tried to do a narrative video that adhered to the story line. The whole point of the song, and lovely lone piano line that drives it, is to feel the total isolation going on in Adele”s heart and this video captures it beautifully. You can feel the chill in the air and her heart.

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