Watch: Al Jean talks Season 22 of ‘The Simpsons’

09.26.10 8 years ago
“The Simpsons” begins Season 22 on Sunday (Sept. 26) night.
We’ll pause for a second and let that sink in.
That’s more than 460 episodes.
We’ll pause to let that sink in as well.
Al Jean hasn’t been with the show for the entire time. He left for a couple years to co-create other shows including “The Critic” and “Teen Angel.” But he was on the show’s original writing staff and is now in the midst of his second tour of duty as showrunner. 
There aren’t many people who know “The Simpsons” better.
HitFix (or, rather, “I”) caught up with Al Jean to talk about what’s on tap for the “Simpsons” season to come.
Check it out…

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