Watch: Kris Allen talks about inspiration behind ‘The Vision of Love’

04.13.12 7 years ago 18 Comments

Kris Allen”s new single “The Vision of Love” and accompanying video seems to have arrived at just the right time. As bullying remains all too prevalent in schools, the song and music clip encourage us to be our best selves and  take those small extra steps to help those in need.

“We tried to make sure we created these characters…that people can relate to,” he says about co-writing “The Vision of Love.” “I wanted people to feel like they knew those people. It”s a call for us to not be scared… to not be afraid to offer up ourselves to help people.”

“The Vision of Love” is from “Thank You Camellia,” the “American Idol” winner”s second full-length set.  Allen co-wrote every song on the album, and collaborated with such writeres and producers as Nasri & Adam Messinger, Tim Pagnotta and Boots Ottestad.

The album”s title is a nod of appreciation to Camellia St. in Los Angeles and the house on that street where Allen and his band stayed as they worked on the new project.  He explained the album title”s meaning last week, but in our longer interview with Allen, which will run closer to the album”s May 22 release date, he reveals some of the crazy guesses fans had on Camellia”s identity.


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