Watch: ‘American Reunion’ directors Hurwitz and Schlossberg talk ‘Harold & Kumar 4’

Though the “Harold & Kumar” films have never exactly been blockbusters, the first movie garnered enough of a cult following to spawn two sequels – 2008’s “Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay”, and last year’s “A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas”.

That said, “Christmas” didn’t do quite the box-office numbers needed to automatically warrant another sequel, grossing around $35 million worldwide on a reported $20 million budget. So will the stoner buddies make it back for another entry, or is it finally the end of the line?

While I wasn’t able to get a clear answer on that when I recently sat down with franchise co-creators Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg to chat about their latest effort, the forthcoming big-screen “American Pie” sequel “American Reunion”, the two nevertheless did indicate they’re interested in doing another “H&K” film – though it may be awhile before it comes to fruition, if ever.

“The bottom line is, we love Harold and Kumar,” said Hurwitz. “They’re our favorite characters ever…maybe there won’t be a ‘Harold and Kumar’ movie soon, maybe it won’t be in the next couple years, but our hope is that you haven’t seen the last of those guys.”

In fact, the duo is so determined to make another sequel work it seems they’d even be willing to do it in the unlikely event that one of the franchise’s two main stars – John Cho and Kal Penn – were to suffer a tragic facial deformity. Yeah, you read that right.

See what else the guys had to say in the video above!

“American Reunion” hits theaters on April 6.

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