Watch: Amos Lee’s visions of white in ‘Flower’ music video

05.17.11 8 years ago

It was kind of hard to fathom it, when Amos Lee came out with a No. 1-selling album “Mission Bell” on The Billboard 200 earlier this year. Granted, sales required for a No. 1 aren’t what they used to be, and it marked a record low, but then again, how many No. 1 albums do you have, chump?

Anyway, it’s easy to see why people like the New York singer-songwriter, particularly with the light feather new “Flower,” the video to which dropped this week.

I was a big fan of initial single “Windows Are Rolled Down.” There’s something so harmless about his soul songs and unfiltered acoustic guitar. “Flower” would be largely unforgivable for that meh-inducing first line, “My heart is like a flower / That blooms every hour / I believe in the power / Of love,” were it not for the strength in its melody. 

Its accompanying clip is equally hate-melting, with an adventure in white-wash and paper folding. Lee may not be impressed with how he’s portrayed on paper, but the story takes it time and lays back, just like the track does.

Lee is on tour with a slew of major headliners, including Adele, Lucinda Williams and Calexico (that band’s co-founder Joey Burns produced “Mission Bell”). Check all dates here.

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