Watch: Anna Kendrick talks about changing things up for ’50/50′

Anna Kendrick is awfully young to be typecast already, but it just goes to show you how Hollywood thinks about people.

She made her first impression on audiences in “Rocket Science,” and it’s easy to see why.  Her work in the film is precise and sharp-edged.  I have trouble saying much about her work in the “Twilight” series because she doesn’t have much to work with in those films, but she manages to steal whatever moments she has with her energy that’s so different than the intentional languor of the rest of those movies. 

With “Up In The Air,” it felt like they were directly reacting to the work she did in “Rocket Science” by casting her as another bossy, smart, hyper-anxious type, and she did great work in the movie that made people sit up and take notice.

The danger, of course, is that she’s going to get stuck playing that type of character, and I think she’s very aware of it.  When we sat down at the Toronto Film Festival to discuss her work in the new film “50/50,” we talked about that issue, and about the way “50/50” presents a very different side of her personality.  It’s a very good film overall, but for her, it could be a real turning point.

I’ve met Anna a few times over the years, and it’s easy to forget how young she is.  She presented such a picture of maturity in her first few films that it’s nice to see her playing a more typical mid-20s character, someone struggling to figure out their place in the world.  In person, she projects a warmth that “50/50” finally captures onscreen, and her chemistry with Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an important part of what makes the film work.

I’m curious to see where Kendrick goes from here.  She’s had the exposure that you need for stardom, and she’s got the talent.  Now it’s just a matter of getting the right roles and continuing to expand her range.

“50/50” is in theaters this weekend.