Watch: Arcade Fire’s video for ‘Ready to Start’

08.20.10 9 years ago

For as breathlessly critically lauded as they are, it”s somewhat refreshing to know that Arcade Fire can be just as clichéd as any rock band.

In the new video for “Ready to Start,” the first single from “The Suburbs,” the Canadian group serves up a live performance of the driving, high-energy tune captured at the Hackey Empire in London. The clip was serviced exclusively to Spanish newspaper El Mundo, which says the video is meant  to showcase  the “epic and intense spirit” of Arcade Fire”s live performances. Or at least that”s how Consequence of Sound translated it and since we don”t speak Spanish, we”re taking their word for it.

If that”s the case, then mission somewhat accomplished. I don”t know if the slow motion or shooting in black and white do anything to enhance the joy that can be an Arcade Fire gig, but Arcade Fire seems to think that audience members going crazy verrrrrry sloooowly and without color ups the intensify factor.

The clip focuses on the group”s charismatic co-founders and current first couple of  rock and roll, Win Butler and Regine Chassagne, both of whom are compelling to watch.

Check it out for yourself.

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