Watch Bruce Springsteen’s bleak video for ‘We Take Care Of Our Own’

In case folks haven”t gotten the message from the lyric video or just from listening to Bruce Springsteen’s new song, “We Take Care Of Our Own,” the song”s video, released today, drives the point home.

It”s a stark affair shot in black and white to heighten the feeling of bleakness and isolation.  None of the band E Street Band appears in the clip, instead images of Springsteen playing in an abandoned house and on a roof top are interspersed with shots of everyday folks, walking the streets, seemingly downtrodden, as the lyrics appeal on the screen.

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As Springsteen asks “where”s the promise from sea to sea,”  the clip switches to color and the lyrics disappear, and the image subtly shift to a somewhat happier outcome, such as a little leaguer catching a baseball.

The clip is beautifully shot and has some goodies for longtime fans: an image iconic of Springsteen”s hand up in the air, with guitar pick between his fingers, as well as some striking performance footage (even though he’s alone) that will get folks excited for the new tour. Plus, even though it”s in black and white, the peeling walls and shots of Springsteen solo with his guitar conjures up images of the “Human Touch” video from the early ’90s (though he’s not shirtless in this one).

 Springsteen’s new album, “Wrecking Ball,” comes out March 6. A tour starts March 18 in Atlanta. Springsteen, who will appear on the Grammys, announced an expanded version of the E Street Band yesterday.