Watch: Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley rekindle love in ‘Remind Me’ video

Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood are buddies. They have a fun, playful banter as co-hosts of the Country Music Assn. Awards, which they”ll co-host together again this fall.

What they do not have, despite being in the desert in the video for their new duet, “Remind Me,” is anything approximating heat. Maybe that”s the point since the song is about a couple whose once red-hot passion has cooled and they feel miles apart (hence the literal interpretation that has them walking, walking, walking, walking toward each other across a great expanse).

But miracles happen every day so maybe there”s hope for these crazy kids. There are two in the video as a matter of fact: Paisley”s electric guitar, which is the sole possession he brought with him to the desert (and, wisely, his hat for sun protection), magically amplifies itself. Equally wondrous, Underwood is able to walk in stilettos in the desert (and she”s got the one-foot-crossed-in-front-of-the-other model”s walk down pat, even if no real human walks that way).

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Part of the problem is we know too much about these people: We know that Paisley is married to actress Kimberly Williams and Underwood is wed to hockey player Mike Fisher and magazines like Country Weekly and People constantly remind us how happy they are with their spouses. We believe it when real-life couples Faith Hill and Tim McGraw sing a song like “Let”s Make Love” or Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert purr around each other because it”s true. 

This just feels like an early commercial to remind us to watch them co-host the CMA Awards this fall.

But they sure look pretty and sound good.