Watch: Chris Brown says ‘Turn Up the Music’ in dance-heavy music video

Whether you like it or not, it’s been a week of Chris Brown. From his controversial, multiple appearances at the Grammy Awards to rumors of his extremely unfunny pickup line to anonymous sources confirming he’ll be on Rihnna’s “Birthday Cake” to his bratty deleted Tweets, the rapper/R&B singer has been popping up.

And trying to break out. Again. And “Turn Up the Music” will help.

The music video — culled from forthcoming “Fortune,” an obvious companion to Grammy Award-winning “F.A.M.E.” — features revelers in animal heads and Chris Brown’s mega-moves. I can’t stand it when directors use only quick cuts of rug-cutters, but toward the end of “Music,” there is a serious series of sweeping dance shots that may impress the hating-est of haters.

Around the three minute mark, Brown indulges in requisite, groan-worthy shirtlessness. His own good looks may have rendered him sightless because that would be the only explanation for the proceeding suspenders-and-cane duds to follow: dude’s blind. Party Animals make the visuals a lot more entertaining, lightening up what could otherwise be a decent dance in a dungeon.

“Turn Up the Music” originally dropped in January, was performed on the Q-Bert stage at the Grammys and released as an official single on everybody’s favorite bogus holiday, Valentine’s Day. “Fortune” has a tentative drop date on March 16, though I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets pushed back, as label-folk wait to see how “Music” fares on radio and if their client can keep his mouth (and Twitter account) shut for the goodwill to set in.

The Recording Academy was satisfied with Brown’s musicality — worthy of rewarding it — even if his repugnant personality is not.

Will this help the “haters” turn the corner, too?