Watch: Chris Brown shows off his abs in new video for ‘Sweet Love’

Remember how when you were little, you used to make a tent by stringing a sheet over two chairs so that you and your friends could play?  Chris Brown is doing the adult version of that in his new video for  “Sweet Love.”

He and his lady play under the sheets and he promises “tonight is the night that I change your life.” Indeed, his lovemaking prowess is apparently so remarkable that he has the power to make women levitate, literally, and even to bring pleasure to ghosts in the back of a limo.

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There”s the linear story line of he and his lady grinding on each other interspersed with the strange images of the dozen or so beauties rising off the brass beds, which are right outside in the street for all to see (and I guess to they don”t hit the ceiling), Brown in the limo with the spectre, and then, in a nice twist, he and several other six-pack ab-abled gents dance with their shirts off to impress women who are fully clothed (albeit in skin-tight cat suits).

It”s an undeniably steamy clip for its sheer obvious singlemindedness, if nothing else,  and just how sexy you find it depends upon how you feel about Brown these days.

The tune is from “Fortune,” Brown”s new album out July 3.

What do you think of “Sweet Love?”