Watch: Chris Brown’s soul-dead music video for ‘Strip’

The continuing popularity of unrepentant window-smasher Chris Brown in the face of his 2009 Rihanna beating, subsequent public meltdowns and wildly off-putting displays of kiddie-tantrum arrogance never fails to amaze me; nevertheless, the hip-pop artist is back with a new song entitled “Strip” feat. rapper Kevin “K-MAC” McCall, which is the first single off his upcoming album “Fortune”.

Today an embarrassingly-generic music video for the track was released that features Brown, along with collaborator McCall, dancing and posing with his shirt off in a room brimming over with scantily-clad women (two of which share a – gasp! – lesbian kiss at one point because, you know, they’re edgy), and later next to a hot tub of vixens clad in barely-there bikinis. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in a hip-hop video before.

“I just wanna see you strip,” sings Brown in the chorus of the track, which was produced by someone or something named “Tha Bizness”. It’s a come-on that any young woman would be better off ignoring but which, in the vacuous universe of this music video (and, in many cases, in real life as well), would probably make their “Dolce & Gabbana” fly off quicker than you could utter the words “felony assault”.

If you can stomach the sight of Brown partying down with a slew of half-naked young women and flexing his abs like he was god’s gift to the world while strutting on a mountaintop, the full clip is available for your viewing pleasure below. As for me, I can already feel the chunks rising in my throat.

My grade: “F”. After watching, you can rate the video for yourself at top left.

 “Fortune” is slated for release in March.