Watch: Clint Eastwood looks at life after death in ‘Hereafter’

10.21.10 8 years ago

What happens to us when we die is a question that’s been asked as long as we’ve been able to ask questions. It’s a anchoring principle in most all religions and has been the source of countless works of fiction.

This is the subject Clint Eastwood has chosen to tackle in “Hereafter.” Using three individual stories the film examines different aspects of the human experience with the afterlife. In the first, a french reporter’s experience with a tsunami leads her on a quest for knowledge. In the second, a young boy deals with a  debilitating loss, and in the third a gifted man tries to run from the one thing that may give his life true meaning.

Watch the four clips embedded below for a taste of Eastwood’s contemplative work.

“Hereafter” opens Friday, October 22nd

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