Watch: Courtney Love performs new song ‘Samantha’

02.13.10 8 years ago


Courtney Love and her reconfigured band, Hole performed ne single, “Samantha,” on Jonathon Ross”s show in England on Thursday night.

The good news, depending upon your perspective, is that Love got through the song without embarrassing herself. No trainwreck here, move along. Although the performance was pre-taped, so we have no idea if there was some cleaning up done.

The bad news is the song, written by Linda Perry and Billy Corgan, pretty much blows and must set some kind of record for usage of the word “sucks” in a song. It feels weird to say this, but it would be better if Love brought a little more of the crazy during the choruses. We are digging the red eye make-up and bad, Stevie Nicks-type wig.

See “Samantha” below.

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