The CW’s DC Heroes Crossover Event Has A Trailer And Some Frightening Bad Guys

The CW is giving DC Comics fans the kind of crossover they would like to see on the big screen as Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow join forces to combat an alien invasion. Not only does the trailer show the bad guys in their glory, which is not bad for a television series, but we also get to see some of the heroic faces that will be coming together to defend Earth. That includes a quick glimpse of Deathstroke, soon to be off in the major DC Comics film franchise once Justice League rolls around.

As we’ve laid out in the past, the main villains for this crossover will be The Dominators and they’re responsible for a classic DC Comics storyline that saw the alien force strike back at Earth for all that pesky meddling in galactic affairs. It should be fun to see how each show handles these interlopers, but the folks behind the crossover are also doing their best to sell the threat. Along with the trailer, a short “found footage” battle scene between the military back during World War II or at least close to it. It plays out about as well you’d think for the soldiers, but it could be worse. I always thought the Aliens from Mars Attacks were the worst and this isn’t too far off. If the soldiers instantly melted down to skeletons, that might take the cake.

(Via The CW)