Watch: Diddy Dirty Money and Swizz Beatz get their ‘Ass on the Dance Floor’

12.13.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

Is this his early Christmas present to his fans? Diddy just released his third video in as many weeks from his new album, “Last Train to Paris.”  For “Ass on the Dance Floor,” director Colin Tilley creates an apocalyptic winter wonderland complete with ice floats, dark, claustrophobic imagery.

We also love how Diddy and Swizz Beatz, whose refrain here totally makes the song, are work as can be, completely bundled up, but the Dawn and Kalenna (the two women in Diddy Dirty Money) are strolled around in mini skirts with only mink shrugs to keep them warm. Thank God it”s a set and not the real thing. Brrrr.

 Diddy doesn”t really show up until his rap around 2:50. To his credit, he”s created a song that doesn”t really need him. We”re not sure that”s what he meant to do. Anyway, enjoy the great beat and get your ass on the dance floor.


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