Watch: ‘Doctor Who”s Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman talk end times

07.29.13 6 years ago

I’ll gladly admit to being a bit of a “Doctor Who” geek, so getting a chance to talk to outgoing Doctor Matt Smith and his feisty companion Clara (and previously Oswin) Jenna Coleman was a Comic-Con high for me. 

While you can’t tell from the video, my first question to Smith was about his decision to prowl the floor at Comic-Con disguised in a Bart Simpson head, which apparently worked like a charm at preserving his anonymity — even with a camera crew following him around. While Coleman considered a Marge costume, I think that after Smith’s stunt she was probably better off avoiding the floor altogether, as “Doctor Who” fans were on the lookout.

The duo, who clearly got along as well as they do on screen (possibly better, as there was no yelling and running from monsters), talked a bit about “An Adventure in Space and Time” as well as what’s ahead for “Doctor Who,” which is to say they didn’t reveal anything at all. Still, Smith seemed sad about going, though doesn’t seem to realize how much he’ll be missed. 

We capped things off by discussing Smith’s recent statement suggesting he’d be okay with a female Doctor — and he is, as is Coleman. In fact, he’s fine as long as he’s replaced with a good actor, even if it’s a fish. Coleman, as you’ll see, didn’t exactly agree.

Are you looking forward to the new Doctor? Will you miss Smith? 

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