Watch: Drake deals with meteoric rise to fame in ‘Over’ music video

04.12.10 9 years ago

It”s hard to be Drake… everyone wants you and, even worse, everyone wants something from you.

As hectic as life is for Drake, he took the time out to shoot a video for “Over,” the song where he”s chronicling how crazy his life has been lately, but not too crazy to still give a special shout out to a lady that”s “too fine to go home alone.”  Even though he shot a video, it would appear that life is moving too quickly for him to really put much time and effort into a clip. The video for “Over” primarily consists of him sitting in a bedroom with images projected over him or he is standing there looking very pained over his fame. Pulling the hood of your sweatshirt tighter around your head = pain.

There are also some flames, but we”d be lying if we pretended to know what they were all about. There are a few shots of women, but the video is  mainly a blur and he’s alone, despite singing that he has no idea who all these people are. We may not get the fire reference, but you don’t have to hit us over the head for us to get that life is a blur right now for Drake, hence the blurry images, and, despite being surrounded by strangers, he feels alone.  Ahh… so that’s what it feels like to be really famous—blurry and lonely. Thanks for letting us know, Drake.

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