Watch: Drake shows up for Mary J. Blige’s revamped ‘Mr. Wrong’ video

Drake has returned to where he rightfully belongs: the video for Mary J. Blige”s “Mr. Wrong.” 

The first video released for the tune featured Blige, some background dancers and a largely unused stripper”s pole, lamenting the joys and sorrows of loving a man who makes it hurt so good in all the wrong ways. However, Drake was nowhere to be found.

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A new version surfaced today that opens with Drake performing his opening rap before going into a slightly different edit of the original version.  There”s still no interplay between The Queen and Drake, who clearly taped his part in some other remote location and it was simply spliced onto the older video. Still, it”s a welcome addition.

The slow jam is the first single from “My Life ll…The Journey Continues.”

Which version do you like better?