Watch: Eric Balfour and company try to escape the invasion in ‘Skyline’

11.03.10 7 years ago

Rogue Pictures

The story behind “Skyline” is pretty interesting: two brother’s with a special effects house (Hydraulx Filmz) get inspired to shoot an alien invasion flick in one of their condos. They hire mostly TV talent and with a tiny crew put a movie together that gets picket up by a major studio!

Ok, these guys were pros already, (Hydraulx was working on ‘Battle for Los Angeles” for Sony while finishing this) but “Skyline” is truly a great example of what digital effects technology can do nowadays, and will be held up by many a penny pinching studio exec as what is possible “on a budget” for years to come.
In the clips below, we can see some of the large scale destruction that the Strause bros rained down on their apartment complex -virtually- without once disturbing any of the neighbors, (except maybe by Balfour’s screaming?) enjoy. (note: in a strange move for this kind of movie, larger high definition clips were not provided to the press)

Skyline opens wide November 12th, 2010

Aliens by the pool!

Ships abducting people!

Signaling the helicopter!

Car escape!

Goodbye Ray!

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