Watch: Evanescence’s new video for ‘My Heart Is Broken’

“My Heart Is Broken,” the new single from Evanescence’s self-titled album was inspired by victims of human trafficking. However if that notion is to be gleaned from the video, its inclusion is very subtle.

In the new clip, lead singer Amy Lee is clad in an evening gown and she has incredible magic fingers  with balls that spew white light.  She can gaze into the white light and she can even use her finger tips to  swirl around in the darkness an leave cool trails in the dark, like the sparklers we used to light on the Fourth of July.

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It would appear that Lee is free in a wheat field with her special light, but it turns out the wheat field is something she has created in her cell, which also includes a mirror she created and a piano (we don”t know if her magic fingers created that or if she had that delivered. The prison part comes in when we see shafts of light coming through a window from which she can”t escape. Oy, maybe we”re just thinking too hard about this.  If her magical fingers can create a  mirror and and the wheat, why can”t they create a door?

It”s all darkly lit and dramatic and Lee, as usual, looks absolutely stunning and haunted all at the same time. Her band mates get just enough screen time to prove to their parents they are in the band.

When we talked to Lee about the album, she said that “My Heart Is Broken” came about after she learned of an organization called Restore, which helps victims of sex trafficking escape. “These women have had these incredibly hard experiences,” Lee said. “You”re trapped. It”s about trying to find your way out, but definitely running to a new place and searching for an answer.”