Watch Every Zac Efron Shirtless Movie Moment

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Here it is. A compilation of every Zac Efron shirtless moment. Yep. Just having a great Wednesday over here.

Do you know what this video means? We need more Zac Efron shirtless moments, I think! We need him to embark on a shirt-free career from here on out. If he only wore his “Paperboy” briefs for the rest of his life, I think everyone would feel great about it. Literally everybody. No one's having a bad time noticing that body. Not even Zac Efron! I bet even Zac Efron looks at his naked torso and says, “WOW, GOOD JOB” sometimes.

Shirtlessness! Underwear! Water! Basketball nudity! Zac Efron! All of the great nouns in one video. Hooray!