Watch Fall Out Boy’s ridiculous new video for ‘Phoenix’

03.25.13 6 years ago

What is it with girls in ski masks these days? At SXSW this year, bikini-and-mask-clad babes on motorcycles were driving around Austin, though it was tough to tell if they were promoting the Pussy Riot documentary, the Kathleen Hanna doc “The Punk Singer” or “Spring Breakers” (or Spring Break, period).

In the music video to Fall Out Boy’s newest concoction “Phoenix,” there’s beautiful women donning the creeptastic attire again, this time to abducted the four-piece rock band and mostly torture them. But this isn’t a cute game of cat and mouse: Patrick Stump literally gets his hand chopped off, Pete Wentz takes a syringe to the neck and a falcon is involved somehow. I’m not sure why. Maybe the band took up falconry on break.

In any case, a briefcase: don’t take it if its not yours. That goes for both rock bands and inexplicably sadistic women.

As previously reported, Fall Out Boy is back after a three-year hiatus, and will release new album “Save Rock and Roll” on April 16. That should give you enough time to learn some self defense.

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