Watch: Fergie, LMFAO party in David Guetta’s ‘Gettin’ Over You’ video

05.18.10 9 years ago

Here”s a line we didn”t think we”d find ourselves writing: Fergie is the best thing about David Guetta”s new (sorta) track “Gettin” Over You.”

We”ve never been crazy about the Fergster”s voice, but she kills it on this track, which has the same pulsing beat as the Black Eyed Peas” “I Gotta Feelin”.”  The track originally appeared on David Guetta”s  “One Love” album with Chris Willis on vocals. He”s on this new version trading verses with Fergie to really great effect. LMFAO are always here and play the will.i. am part with their fun rap, but they’re somewhat expendable here. They and the blatant Samsung product placement.

The video is one big street scene after a wily interloper sneaks into the studio and sets up speakers in the alley and then these scary folks in masks show up, but they”re just up the party quotient. They”re apparently JabbaWockeeZ, the male hip-hop crew who won “America”s Best Dance Crew.


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